Auto Accident

Motor Vehicle Accident?   Slip and Fall?  Accidental Injury?

Pain can limit a person in more ways than can be shown on any laboratory test or X-rays. Here at Beaches Laser Spine we work with some of the finest attorneys and leading health providers in the country to get patients the treatment they deserve and help them and their loved ones to deal with the financial and emotional burden of being disabled following trauma.

We have worked alongside attorneys for many years to ensure patient illness and disability is clearly understood and to give accurate diagnoses and prognosis for treatments and future problems. For example, even if your soft-tissue heals, a compression fracture or herniated disc can cause disabling pain and neurological problems months, years, or even decades after the initial trauma and if not recognized during active litigation you may be left without benefits in your time of need.

Beaches Laser Spine prides itself on giving patients easy access to all their records and working closely with physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, chiropractors, and other allied health professionals to coordinate and optimize both patient care for acute pain and also services for those who develop chronic pain in need of life-long treatment. The “Laser Spine” procedures involve multiple ultra-minimally invasive procedures covered by most auto insurances and LOPs including percutaneous discectomy (no cutting), stem cell therapy to regrow damaged tissue (discs, tendons, cartilage), even percutaneous laminectomy to make more room for the spinal canal and nerves (no cutting).

If you or your attorneys have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.